OrientPy is a package containing Python tools to estimate seismometer orientation using automated (and manual) processing of earthquake data. These methods are particularly useful for broadband ocean-bottom seismic stations, but are also applicable to broadband land stations or shorter period instruments (depending on the method selected). Currently the toolbox includes the following methods:

  • DL (Doran and Laske, 2017): Based on Rayleigh-wave polarization at a range of frequencies and for the two fundamental mode Rayleigh wave orbits.

  • BNG (Braunmiller, Nabelek and Ghods, 2020): Based on P-wave polarization of earthquakes at regional teleseismic distances.

Each method can be used independently to produce an estimate of station orientation, in terms of the azimuth of seismic component ‘1’ (or ‘N’). The code uses the StDb package for querying and building a station database used in command-line scripts. Tutorials are provided in the sections below.

https://zenodo.org/badge/DOI/10.5281/zenodo.3905404.svg https://github.com/nfsi-canada/OrientPy/workflows/Build/badge.svg https://codecov.io/gh/nfsi-canada/OrientPy/branch/master/graph/badge.svg


The method DL is heavily based on the code DLOPy by Doran and Laske (2017). The original code can be found here

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